Featured Artwork

Collection of Art Created by Gifted and Talented Students

Female surrounded by flowers.

Whistle – Somerset County, MD

Blue floral swirl with yellow background.

Blue Swirl – Washington County, MD

Two faces in silhouette.

Like a Bridge Over Troubled Water – Baltimore City, MD

Fingers touching in front of mirrored plants.

Divided Plant – Prince George’s County, MD

Female face framed by flowers.

Girl with Flowers – Howard County, MD

Female leaning against a mural of a face.

Heaven – Harford County, MD

Graphic circles in primary colors.

Circles – Dorchester County, MD

Young elephant following mother.

Mother and Child – Talbot County, MD

Purple striped hands with yellow striped background.

Fantastic Fingers – St. Mary’s County, MD

Ship with large sails.

Ship on the Sea – Queen Anne’s County, MD

Man climbing tower with Rapunzel's hair.

Rapunzel – Charles County, MD

Bluebird in a frame.

Amate Bark Painting – Kent County, MD