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Featured Artwork

Featured Artwork

Blue striped fish with a yellow underbelly.

Striped Fish – Anne Arundel County, MD

Paper cutout cityscape.

Paper Cityscape – Frederick County, MD

Abstract artwork with bright colors.

Abstract – Queen Anne’s County, MD

Zebra close up of eye.

Zebra – Garrett County, MD

Pencil sketch of older man wearing glasses.

Pencil Sketch of Man – Carroll County, MD

View from a city window with plants in foreground.

Window View – Montgomery County, MD

Red pepper, red apple, purple cabbage and a lime.

Summer Harvest – Carroll County, MD

Blue crab on a wooden bench.

Blue Crab – Anne Arundel County, MD

Turtles on a log, in a stream.

Turtles in a Stream – Montgomery County, MD

Landscape painting.

Sunrise – Carroll County, MD

Brightly colored yarn artwork.

Yarn Artwork – Anne Arundel County, MD

Watercolor bright intersecting paint strokes.

Watercolor Grid Lines – Dorchester County, MD